Wednesday, May 31, 2006

NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ppl like to judge a book by its cover....nvr tink abt it.......likes to criticise.........all tis i dun care......wat i care most is,Y r u guys doing wat hurts me most????????????? IM kept in the dark by many things....there r many things tat u guys r hiding from me! i noe it! i juz dun wanna say it out!!!!!!!n there u guys r......not knowing to stop but continueing wat u guys r so disapointed......

6:57 AM;

THANKS 4 letting me noe ur true self.............a self-centered fiend.........a person who acts like u care.........a person who dun care........a person who always say other r better but u dun do better.......a person who frame ur so called fren.............a person who treat me as rubbish.......a person who judges a book by its cover.........all tis r wat u hav showed me...........u showed me tat u r so freakishly cruel......thanks 4 letting me noe ur true self..........u claimed tat u were always there 4 me but u weren't....u juz like to say it.........i nvr knew tat u were like tat..... im very dissapointed in u..may yuen.... I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(PLZ IGNORE TIS ENTRY)

6:52 AM;

Monday, May 29, 2006

This song is temperaily(4 gt how 2 spell) only......i will change te song back to "as long as u love me" in two days time........coz the song"as long as u love me" means sumthing special 2 me......

1:49 AM;

Sunday, May 28, 2006

i've made my decision ,no regrets.i'm here with my confession got nothing to hide no more i don't know where to start but to show you the shape of my heart !I'm looking back on things i've done i never want to play the same old part or keep you in the dark now let me show you the shape of my heart.I 've chosen who to give up! though its hard,i muz give up!
,,,, ,,,,

8:21 AM;

ARGH!!!!!!!!! So many tings to tink abt! gt a headache! so many problems tat i dunno how to solve...i couldn't find the solution n some i nid to sacrifice sumthing tat i love in order to solve it .Im really confused! :'(

12:15 AM;

Saturday, May 27, 2006

haiz......June holiday here already but i gt 3 bad news n 1 gd news.The bad news is tat tehre r alot of homework n supplementary classes during the holiday n alot of my frens are ATM and i dunno wat i did wrong tat will hurt alot more ppls,i really hav no clues abt it! the gd news is i finally pluck up the courage to tell the girl i luv the three words "i love you" n i was overjoyed when she told me she love me too! but i tink i really did sumthing wrong but i juz dunno wat!can sumone plz tell me?

4:53 AM;

Friday, May 26, 2006

Wat hav i doned wrong!?Im really confused!i dun noe!n worse......joanne told me tat it will hurt alot more really confused!wat hav i done wrong?can someone plz tell me? i really dunno wanna hurt anybody! :'(

11:32 PM;

Do u noe wat is love at first sight ?Well...i tink i gt the answer.U check it out to c if its true.....U nvr knew tat person,to u he is a stranger,u nvr met him b4 yet u feel very comfortable with tat person n u feel like u wanna live with tat person 4 the rest of ur life.Is tis the feeling? I fell in love with a girl at first sight,shes very cute, i feel very comfortable chatting wit her and i really wanna be with her but do she feel the same way as i do?(i doubt so) If u(the girl im referring to) ,by chance,saw tis posting plz tell me at the tag board...i oso wanna tell u I love you

8:49 AM;

i can't get u out of my head,im always tinking of u.....every minute,every second.......u r always in my head...i love you! @--^--------

6:47 AM;

n again.....she cried....there was nth i could do! Im really useless!

4:17 AM;

My heart bleeds whenever u dun cry.......tell me how could i stop those tears from willing to do anything to make u smile.....coz i love u

12:26 AM;

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wat can i say? Its reality! i muz accept it no matter wat.....i gt no choice........I GIVE UP! U HEAR ME!? I GIVE UP!! :'( I can't do anything to change it!!! i can't do anything!!!! I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!:'(

8:41 AM;

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

haixxx........tmr is the bloody performance tat i hate most......n i hav no idea how to cope with it but nvm dun care lar! Juz do wat i can! / I can't believe i actually gt fooled by weiqi! she said tat she drew alot of things on my back but when i reached home, nothing was there =.=

4:04 AM;

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cool! i actually did quite well 4 my nafa! I nvr thought ,even in my wildest dreams,i would do well 4 my nafa! Its quite a miracle as blood oozed out from my arm after school at the toilet as wei qi kicked my arm untill it bled,n mind u hor its still hurting now. i did 30 inclined pull-ups n 40 sit-ups..i mean 4 sumone like me it is like a miracle ! My arm is still hurting nvr the less but i dun really care as it doesn't matter....i dun put it to heart.......but its not becoz i luv her but its only a small matter tat my arm bleeds.I nvr shed any tears no matter wat even tat time when i nearly when blinded....n i will nvr shed any me....

7:59 AM;

to wei qi: can u plz tell me do u like me? I rather accept the cruel fact than to be kept in the dark.......

2:17 AM;

Monday, May 22, 2006

THE KEVIN U KNOW FROM LONG AGO IS ALREADY DEAD!!!!!!Remember the kevin when he first came to Wellington Primary School from Townsville? Sumone told me tat i was a nerd,i used to get bully and had no guts to do anything as i was new here.My results were not bad as i had no games to play that time.But,now? I so addicted and tat was part of the reason y tat kevin was dead.My results dropped horrendesly..........That wasn't the end of the murdering.I became cruel and tried to earn myself a place at tis school so tat i will not get bully.But i really regreted.I couldn't become the kevin i used to be.........I 've became a jerk! At tat moment i still ahd a chance to turn back but to make it worse....rumours fly high abt me n a girl called wei qi. The situation was unreversible at tat time n that was the fatal wound tat killed the kevin.I couldn't do anything to change it now! I REALLY REGRETED! but i had no choice but to let the kevin die........but not any longer! Im gonna try n change back no matter wat! n nothings gonna stop me!!!!! but even if i try my best,sumthings can't be changed........4 example,all my good frens

8:19 AM;

tat F***ing mR wee! ALLLL thank to him N HIM ONLY! I cannot play volleyball!! bloody lar~~
If i have a knife i will sure kill him................. I won't me..........

5:26 AM;

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bloody lar! Ahmad Ibrahim is gd 4 shooting.They say wat tooooopid ting tat dunno wat number muz be from 18-24.(U can get the number if u take (ur weight) divided by(height x height(in M)) n mine is 23....... nearly over! i really hope i could get in........Use the method n test urself and tell me ur number by tagging....

2:45 AM;

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I..I......I....I w.......Argh!! Y can't i juz tell u? I.........I........I.............I.I.I......argh!!!!!!!!

5:41 AM;

I summited the DSA form 4 ahmad ibrahim sec n hope i could get in coz it has a cool CCA:shooting.....

5:40 AM;

Friday, May 19, 2006

Thx 4 trusting me..n i juz wann tell u tat i trust u too.........n im sorry if i upsetted u in anyways in the past....Im really srry...

10:34 AM;

Y do i always feel tat u r keeping sumthing from me? but now not only tat.........u r drifting further n further away from me n i juz dun get it such a fool! I couldn't even do anything to stop it! I at a lost! Could u plz tell me?

9:44 AM;

Monday, May 15, 2006

plz stop giving me false hopes when i noe tat my chances r 0% compared 2 him................i juz a big fool n a ugly freak.....JUZ LEAVE ME ALONE AS I THINK IM GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!

9:31 AM;

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Well............the girl i luv is...........(if u really wanna noe), she is vicky liew wei qi

5:53 AM;

Friday, May 05, 2006

OUCH! my legs r hurting due to cramp!!!!! n i tink i shoudn't had played volleyball,basketball n catching.......feeling very regret now........but no use......OUCH!still hurting......

4:45 AM;


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