Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another day another story but my story is story never ends...cause it can't bear to. It will be the end of me if the story im telling ends. If time were to betray me, my story is gonna end right away...but if it pities with me,it might let me go on. I looking forward to everyday cause i think that somethings there for me. Im ok with my life now,i find many surprises eeach passing days...i become more and more awake and know whats going on. I know that i am me, i control my own life.

7:41 AM;

Friday, March 23, 2007

This song is about how much a guy misses a girl and all thats happened tat made them strong... I wanna be juz like it...I'll walk with u even til the end of the world... (DISCLAIMERS) now for the complains...SORRY my cbox dunno y i update now cannot load so i cannot update...SORRY!!!! =:::( Sorry Ming Zhu and Yibin...Cannot update ur link....i try to lor....

9:40 AM;

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Why did u asked for my forgiveness in the first place?...It really puzzled me,u said that u were on the verge of giving up but u hung on...from ur actions and the things u said to me, the first thing i told myself was tat u already liked another boy... U juz dun wanna feel guilty or anything like tat,so u juz asked for forgiveness so u could go on......But to me it doesn't matter if i really forgive u or not coz the pain is already lost and never to be found. I tried to tell u never to doubt me but u nvr seem to get the msg...u said u trusted me but in fact u never...U R A LIAR!!!! Well...if its my forgiveness u it is...I FORGIVE U!!!! NOW SCRAM!!!! I HATE U!!!!! ( TO receiver: If u tink im wrong in anyway tell me, and u noe who u r...) To onlookers if u dun understand juz pretend u never saw tis post.......P.S.: I hesitated to post this post coz i tink that im wrong in someways.....(plz tell me if im wrong before its too late) and one more thing... erm shafie tis post isn't 4 juz tat u won't get e wrong idea =) ........

6:29 AM;

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I wished i wasn't such a pessimistic and pathtic guy in the start,i realised that people look at me very differently in my secondary skool than in my primary school. I must say that i've really changed alot...I used to dwell over things tat i noe will never change no matter how much i try but i realised that forgeting it and moving on feels much better and i can look forward to better things. Despite knowing that i can forget and move on, i won't really move on unless i really tried my best. I've turned quite ok and cheerful in my secondary school rather than my primary, y izzit so ar? XD Maybe its juz tat i change over time... I'll never forget my primary school friends coz they were always there for me when im down. =) ANOTHER BIG THANKS FROM MIIE! back to my own story lols, I promised to be ur guardian angel forever and i will still be. Even if i dun see u, i juz want u to noe tat i miss u every now and then...( U know who u r ) and as 4 the onlookers, if u dunno, find out urself or juz pretend u never read it XD... Boi boi here muz sign off le,Bye Bye

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