Friday, September 29, 2006

This post isn't long but very short,well,tonight i went to library with my frens. But wat surprised me was tat eugene,darren n joel went.....they nvr came but they came tis time. Despite them being there, i wished i wasn't there instead.....i duno y but it juz doesn't feel right.......PSLE is juz a week away, i wonder how will i much pressure, 1 day 5 worksheets n dun even haf weekends n school holiday......after PSLE, i will play to da max........but now, i dunno hw to revise my work as i nvr revised b4 except tis once.......well.....i tink revising is juz reading through my previous work....n tats wat i will juz do......

6:32 AM;

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

U probebly won't understand wat im trying to say but i tink u noe how i feel.....if u have been rejected bafore then u noe how i feel but if u had nvr been rejected before,u couldn't possible imagine the pain..........
At first i thought it was nothing but it isn't now,it really hurts! Everything is going in the opposite direction of wat i thought it would be..nothing is going the way i want it to!first, i nvr minded. second,i thought abt it. third, i had sleepless nights. fourth,im felt miserable. fifth,im tolorated. sixth,I CAN TAKE IT NO MORE! I thought n tried but I really couldn't take it no more.Even heaven is opposing me or does it wan me to leave all tis things n STUDY? I REALLY DUNNO! i miss u! i couldn't stop thinking abt u .....all i can tink of is jealousy, misery n exams. i can't believe u actually did it...... im really disapointed.......i really feeling very sad n angry now,no words can descripe. THERE R 3 "THINGS" i hate most in tis i wish i could juz destroy it! if i hav the chance,the 3 "THINGS" r going down......but most of all im really disapointed tat wat i did from the start are all gone to waste. I wonder y muz it happen to juz 12,mayb tat i should study hard n put all tis behind me........its hard but tis is REALITY. i will nvr give up loving u no matter wat!

3:17 AM;

Friday, September 22, 2006

ok....i admit tat i was jealous but no point being jealous now I've already LOST!!!!! ='0 I have already lost a long time ago its juz tat i didn't realise it........i wonder y was i so dumb......i knew tat i've lost since the start of it but i nvr gave up. Its seems like i nvr did gave up coz the thought of giving up was always gone everytime i see her smile but i guess tat im a total failure.......i wouldn't been so sad if i had realised it point being jealous......n on the whole, u won n i've lost......i lost trying to forget her but i juz can't n i dunno y,my heart wavers n im very worried abt her.....n i dunno shes gone coz im not the one she want......but i will wait even if it takes forever.....i will still love her.......

7:39 AM;

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Two souls that have been torn apart
My heart tightens with this thought
That has no where to go
I wonder y we met at tis time n age
The queston is lost in the darkness
My heart cannot waver
Even when there is no hope
At the end of the path that i have chosen
Lies the answer i seek
So the dream will one day arrive
Let's silently pray 4 it
Your determination,my hesitation
Encounters will show the way
Even love,sin,dreams n darkness
Lets embody ourselves with everything
Your strength,my heart
The moment when they come together
What will be born......
Do you believe in destiny?

6:00 AM;

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Today was as usual.....go to school....have some pull-ups....n after school.......but i saw sumthing at school tat shattered my heart into a millions pieces...i wonder how will i do it? worries me soo much..........i dunno wat to say already......once in a blue moon............tis is the only thing i can say.....

2:02 AM;

Monday, September 18, 2006

All the petals of my heart fell unnoticed and my tears r suddenly dripping onto the fall when i helplessly see u leave.........the wind was blowing...may my tears n sorrows be blown away by the the suffering seem endless.........its the way u wanted,u chose it u be happy with ur decision......

6:54 AM;

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Have u ever felt tat u r broken up into many pieces,confused of why it happened n nvr seem to get the answer y? Not only tat,n u dun even dare to face reality....IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!! The worse had happened.Ur world is turned upside down n u r still asking urself the same question" y? y? y?" despite tat u knw tat u will nvr noe y....

Well....tats how im feeling now....its reality,i tried to escape from it by telling myself "its ok,everythings the way u wanted it..." BUT IT WAS WRONG!!!!!!! ='( My world has nvr been the same since i found out........I've tried to 4get about it but i couldn't coz it hit me sooo hard. i wasn't prepared 4 tis to happen........tis day finally not gonna say wat happened,if u wanna noe,go find out urself........

6:33 AM;

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I tried n i tried but i still couldn't seem to 4get u.....i dunno how i will feel teh day i leave tis primary school......i hope it won't hurt me so much...

5:51 AM;

Sunday, September 10, 2006

juz changed the song.....dun fit tis blogskin but i love the song......... / today quite boring n uninteresting so i gt nth to say...........

5:28 AM;

Friday, September 08, 2006

well...everybody is changing day by day..nobody can stay the same 4eva,wat u can do is to juz get used to it n its gonna be me....

4:08 AM;

i dunno wat to say now coz the sky is really fallling 4 me......i actually gt 35/40 4 my compo!!!!!!!! i mean tats a miracle! my compos nvr pass the 32 marks target ever n i actually gt 35!!!!!!!!!! IF u wanna noe my results here u go, Science:77 English:77 Maths:83 Chinese:still unknown. i wish i could get straight As 4 prelim n as well as PSLE.....can anyone teach me how to improve my chinse compo coz i always do very badly 4 it....plz....

3:56 AM;

Thursday, September 07, 2006

luckiy i chnaged specs coz my seating arrangement is nw at the back of the class but i now hav no problems readin the things on the white boards.....CAN ANYBODY PLZ TEACH ME HOW TO WRITE GD COMPOS??????? my compos stinks n it pulls my marks down.i really hope i could do very well in PSLE so tat i could go the express of anderson. IM feeling very restless now.......i miss u....... haiz.....dunno wat to write anymore coz the sky might really fall as i saw the girl tat i dreamt when i was eating at doesn' make any difference does it? 12 pages of my life comes to a "," n tat "," is my PSLE we strived 4 6 years in a primary school juz 4 tis very day. Im gonna make a point 4 myself,i nvr study 4 my exams so im gonna work hard 4 tis time round n see if it makes any differences miracles do happen but not as often but i believe in it............well...tis is life,u make a descision n u nvr look back,i decided to love wq n study to score well 4 my PSLE n i will nvr look back........

6:40 AM;

Monday, September 04, 2006

I had alot of fun at escape theme park today,there were MANY different rides.I went on the roller coaster,viking ship n the spinning thingy(juz to name a few).I play n play n play.......then i came to the water spuirting boats,i was spuirting my sis then 2 little B******* started to bang my boat n spuirt alot of water on me,to make matters worse,they started to splash water on me with their hands.People say tat u play with fire u get burnt but they juz soaked the matches in gasoline. I stared at them with eyes saying"u r sooo dead". they saw me n ran into the haunted hus. i wasn't able to enter as it was full so i didn't get to get my hands on them. Luckily 4 me,i was wearing my swimming costume inside so its fine 4 me to get wet.On the whole,i really had alot of fun...

5:54 AM;

Australian 'crocodile hunter' Steve Irwin killed by stingray
World-famous Australian "crocodile hunter" and television environmentalist Steve Irwin has been killed by a stingray blow to the heart while filming a new documentary.
The larger-than-life Irwin, 44, known for his fearlessly enthusiastic handling of even the deadliest of wildlife, was killed when a stingray barb punctured his chest during underwater filming on the Great Barrier Reef.

"He came over the top of a stingray and the stingray's barb went up and went into his chest and put a hole into his heart," said the ebullient Irwin's longtime producer John Stainton, who was with him at the time.
"It's likely that he possibly died instantly when the barb hit him, and I don't think that he ... felt any pain," a tearful Stainton told reporters in the city of Cairns Monday.

Police and officials at Irwin's zoo confirmed his death in the freak incident that took place at about 11:00 am (0100 GMT) off the coast of Port Douglas in the northeastern Australian state of Queensland.
Irwin was evacuated from his boat by helicopter and ambulance service officials said he had suffered a puncture wound to the left side of his chest and was immediately pronounced dead.
Stingrays have several sharp and venomous barbs on their tails that they use to defend themselves when they feel threatened, but Stainton insisted that Irwin had not provoked the creature while filming.
"I have never met a more professional person in my whole life nor a more passionate person in my whole life on wildlife issues," Stainton said of the iconic Irwin, who was making a show about deadly sea dwellers.
Australian wildlife filmmaker David Ireland said that the stingray's tail was "like a bayonet on a rifle".
"If it hits any vital organs it's as deadly as a bayonet," he said.
Police said Irwin's US-born wife Terri had been informed of his death while hiking in Tasmania. The couple had two children aged eight and three.
The garrulous animal-lover's rallying cry of "crikey" when faced with a crocodile, snake or ferocious-looking spider made him an Australian icon across the world.
His "Crocodile Hunter" show, in which the tousle-haired adventurer appeared in his trademark khaki shorts and shirt, was first broadcast in 1992 and has been shown around the world on the Discovery cable network ever since.
His outspoken persona became so popular that he won a cameo role in a Hollywood movie, "Dr Dolittle 2," starring US comic actor Eddie Murphy.
Australians mourned the loss of one of their best known countrymen, with Prime Minister John Howard leading the public outpouring of grief over the death of a man whom he knew well.
"I really do feel Australia has lost a wonderful and colourful son," Howard said. "He took risks, he enjoyed life.
"He brought immense joy to millions of people, particularly to children, and it's just such a terrible loss. He was one of those great quintessential Australian faces that people recognised everywhere," added the grim-looking prime minister after parliament was told of his death.
Ordinary Australians called into their local radio and television stations expressing their shock and sadness at Irwin's passing, while others flocked to the television star's Australia Zoo in Beerwah, on the Sunshine coast of Queensland state, to lay flowers in his memory.
"We just thought he was a good guy for what he did for Australia. He put us on the map, I reckon," said Rod Cameron at the zoo.
Another mourner was more sanguine. "He died doing what he loved, didn't he?" said tourist Glenn Batson.
The son of reptile park owners, the young Irwin became a crocodile trapper, ridding residential areas of their reptilian threats.
His fearless approach to the animal kingdom however provoked international outrage when he involved his infant son in one of his death-defying antics.
In early 2004, he fed a four-metre (13-foot) crocodile with one hand while clutching his baby son Bob in the other during a show at his Australia Zoo reptile park.
But Irwin was unrepentant when confronted about the incident in an interview. "I will continue to educate my children and the children of the world so they don't go into the water with crocs," he said.
Irwin's voice remained on the answering machine of his zoo on Monday, reminding callers with a whoop: "Remember, they rule," referring to his dangerous documentary subjects.

5:41 AM;

Sunday, September 03, 2006

juz got up after swimming n now using the com.....i now at pasir ris chalet,quite bored here............dunno wat to say.O YA! my sis invited dunno 1 of his idiotic fren....... n my aunt seems to hold a grudge against me.everything oso wanna say me n my sis like SIAO.......i hate her....

5:41 AM;

Saturday, September 02, 2006

haiz......even thought i got into anderson sec,i can choose not to go n let the other people on the waiting list to dad told me if i dun get 250+ 4 my adgregate den dun go to anderson coz niid to study 4 5 years. BUT if i get abv 250 i can choose myself whether to go or not.thej thought of not being able to see wq forever is tearing me apart. i really dun wan tat to happen,i really love her! its really hard 4 me........anyway,im gonna strive to get 250 n abv no matter wat then i decide but if i dun get 250 i will still tink about going to anderson so now i will let fate decide....

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