Thursday, October 09, 2008

Yeap and i was right... BOMBED yet again... ><
I dunno if i can trust you anymore.... but a promise is a promise, i'll keep to it forever...

7:00 PM;

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sweet man... Did da quiz just to find out i screw 75% of my teenager life...
WOOHOO!!! EXAMS ARE HISTORY BABY!!! FREEDOM~ No more studying for da next two months to come, if that ain't sweet i dunno what is xD O dang, 2 months? I'm gonna die from missing you T.T.. Can't even survive 2 days without seeing you and now its 2 months GREAT~ it just gets better and better...
What am i saying?...
End of exams, start of outings but the first 2 already kena b0mbed, disheartened to continue... Does this foreshadow further bombings down the hols?..
Took me 2 hours of wandering around without any destination just to tell myself your my only one and i won't let go despite anything.. Despite how much it hurts me to see you just staring at him with that forlorn look, Despite how much you reminds me of him, Despite how much blood i'm willing to bleed for it, Despite all odds and obstacles that may come, Despite the number of times you let me down without knowing, Despite the number of times you reject me, Despite the amount of time i spent missing you, Despite the number of times i tried to be there for you, Despite the number of time i wished i could take all your troubles away... I feel so broken up inside...
When your not around i just couldn't pick myself up, i'm like a puppet without a puppeter. Your the only one that matters to me now, please don't walk away T.T I really afraid of losing you! I just wanna apologise if i've said things to hurt you or speaked to you in a inappropriate way, i don't mean it! Please believe me when i say your my only one, nobody else can replace you!
I'm truely wishing and hoping inside that you will read this and tell me what i can do for you... I can't spend a single day without thinking bout you...
I'm willing to be honest, i was jealous...I'm sorry >.<...
Ke neng jiu shi ying wei ni na me tian zhen you ke ai, shi wo gan dao hai pa er geng xiang hao hao de ai ni he bao hu ni...
Your guardian angel exiting....

3:43 AM;

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Man.. today was PRETAYYE~ okay... and Yeap.. I'm afraid of everything... Wo bu pei ai ni...
So freaking fun today, go out with terr,ziq,huitian,shuting and yenzhen they all to sun plaza de basketball court. Play play play, sweat til buay tahan den remember forgot to study zzz Haish, i such a muddlehead, left my science theory book with huitian. DIE LIAO T.T...
After play basketball le go buy poker cards and matchboxes. Play cards til sianz liao den take matchsticks burn the cards xD Learnt how to shoot flames sia, thanks ziq =D Some kpo ppl go take camera and take vid of us, nothing better to do si bo?... Want take come closer la, scared wat? Scared i take and burn u ar? =.="

Haish... As i watch the distance between us getting wider and wider, my heart envisage the ending of everything by the end of this year. The burning matchsticks reminded me how fragile hope was... Set it on fire then just take your time and watch it burn to nothingness. You rekindled that little hope in me, please, i beg of you, don't put out the light. My love for you will exist til the end of time, i'll be waiting with my bleeding heart, hoping that someday you'll accept me for who i am. I can never be perfect nor good enough for you i guess... I promise you that i'll change, just tell me and i'll do it. I'm really afraid of losing you, my heart just can't stop missing you when your not around. Even if i'm just a friend to you, i just wanna tell you that i'll always be your guardian angel. In the past, now and forever...I love you =D You know who you are ^^

6:29 AM;


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