Friday, May 30, 2008

I getting pissed off and sick of this in case you haven't notice ^^ juz F*** off if your gonna emo and think that i will give a shit about it. I would rather waste my time off on viwawa or just go out wandering aimlessly for no reasons at all than to see you sulk and lament zzz...
Day and days passes ever so quickly without no reasons at all, i wonder what am i working so hard for? The holidays are here but i appear to be busy with a part time job, homeworks, ccas and sleeping. I seriously can't spend my holidays without money and since my parents ain't giving any so i have to work for it ><... CCAs no choice den no sleep can't do no shit so my holidays are REALLY PACKED. Juz glad that i made it for the girl guides campfire to see them, i promised to go but i end up going to work den arriving only at 10 plus cause i totally forgot bout it. I tried my best to fufil my promise le, said will come den came le but nid rush home cause i told my parents i'll go straight home after my work but end up i go school den go home. Sorry i couldn't accompany you T.T, sounded like they had fun and hope they did. Just couldn't stand the sight of the sec 3 scouts, they look so freaking sissy with their childish actions ( as if trying to attract attention zzz ) Miss ng look SOOOOOO weird with da new look lols, funny she didn't tie up her hair.
Nowadays blur blur de, work oso kena scolding cause blur til went wrong place. Go training wear wrong jersey. On aircon use tv de remote control. Sleep til 3 pm thought is 9 am. SOMEBODY PLEASE SAVE ME!
Trust is something that i always wished i had in many but why does it vanish ever so easily when certain events happen? Im trying but it just doesn't make any difference, could it be i'm just making things worse? I realised that although im trying to help, i'm actually the one making it disappear, Thanks wai siong for making me realise that. I was so blind i couldn't recognise my own mistakes and yet made more thinking that it won't hurt at all.
This time its gonna be different thats for sure ! =D Just you wait
Byebye all, take care during da hols ^^

8:34 AM;

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Somebody once told me, everything lies in points of view and how you treat the happenings around you. I couldn't bring myself to agree to this at all...
Things just doesn't seem so simple when i drown myself out in my dumb jealousy.
Or another example would be, i don't do well at all for this exam despite the fact that i failed none and managed to pull my maths to a passing mark.
How many failures in life does it take to realize, somethings just don't get done or go your way no matter how hard or how many times you try? I've tried and tried but the only thing i realized was life is never fair.
Don't sweat it, theres no way my theory could be proved wrong with assholes finding every ways and means to frame and find your faults every now and then. Can't help but wonder do can they live on another moment without trying to corrupt this polluted world further.
Its just so obvious but yet i couldn't see it. I mean...How blind could i be?
Maybe things could be better if i thought of it to be just a dream... Please pinch me and tell me I'm still asleep cause i never wanna wake up...
All these lies, your stories, your words, your company, your eyes and your silliness ... All thats made you ever so unique, evil and beautiful... Why couldn't i see through this facade of it all from the start? Or was i just too obsessed in my own dreams?
If only somebody could answer all these questions so i wouldn't have to ponder over it and wonder whats next after all thats solved.
I'm confused but always for the wrong reasons, can't see things through although nothings' needed to be done. Why is it always them? Why can't i be just like them?...
The more i think of it, the worse i felt.
Words cause only express my feelings to a certain limit, those forsaken but indescribable feelings could only be left to linger causing more grieve and sadness nevertheless.
I hereby end my agony-filled post.

8:03 AM;


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