Friday, August 24, 2007

Have you ever feel that you've tried very hard in doing something but you just feel that you'll never be able to complete it? Thats not the end, you felt that theres a must to do it and nothing can stop you at all?...
I have this feeling almost everyday...I can give this 2 following examples...
I tried so hard to be good enough in volleyball just to be in the main 6 and play for the school but no matter how hard i try i just feel that im not good enough...
It just feels so no right for me to give up or surrender when i still have the energy to go on and i'll try...Try means you do your best till you succeed and not just anyhow try and give up...I want to prove to myself that despite my height,I can still play better than others and will not lose out cause the word losing don't and never will exist in me...I will always try my best...
The other example is about the girl i love, it just seem so uncunning and unreachable... I tried so hard just to be the one and only one but all i can be is the one you ignore and push out the doors of your heart...Why can i never be good enough? i tried and i tried but i was treated as a fool all the time but i din't mind at all...I don't mind that you don't like me, I just want to let you know that i do and being friends is very good already for me...I don't expect, I just hope...
In my heart, you are ever so pretty and kind...Nothing can taint your ravishing beauty, not even the any act of yours...
All I ask for is for you to believe that I seriously love you wholeheartedly and nothing lesser but i could hardly talk to you and it seems like your hatred for me ain't going away and i just couldn't figure out why I can't be the one...
Whenever I talk to you, your eyes just twinkle ever so brightly like the stars that light up the night sky...
I just hope that you would understand my feelings for you because I don't have the courage to tell you face to face cause I know i ain't good enough for you...
All this shows that trying just ain't enough, i'll just have to do it despite of all the obstacles in my way...Don't tell me i ran out of time cause I don't mind waiting for you all my life...
My exam results this term ain't that good so I seriously have to buck up for SA2 and I ain't trying, I will do it for sure...and I ain't giving up...
Got to go for now...bubye all! =)
P.S. The girl i'm referring to most probably not who you think she is, only minor know who and by minor i mean 2-4 xD so in case you thought of the wrong person...=D

6:31 AM;

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WAHAHA! Today played frenly with clementi woods sec and guess wat? WE WON!! xD
BUT we lost the last set T.T... COZ Miie MISSED the last spike ='(
Neber mind...everybody makes mistakes rite? xD ( excuses for myself)
ARGH!!! Slept during geo class, was so freaking tired lor! coz last night dunno slept at what time and the lesson was so freaking boring ZZZ...
WOOHOO!!! gt A1 for SCIENCE!!! 26/30 for paper, 8/15 for practical ( could have gotten 10 but was careless T.T) and 5/5 for chart!!! altogether 2(26+8+5)=78!!!A1!!!=D
Sianz sianz sianz... REALLY NEED MY SLEEP...zzz So long for now! cya =D bubye...

6:01 AM;

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

AHH!!!! My CA2 results shet liao... History only got 25.5 WTF? and MATHS only... 12!!!!!! WAT THE HELL!?!??!?!!??!! the first time i ever fail a test...U know y? CARELESS,NO TIME and...A FREAKING SPOILT COMPASS FOR ME TO FAIL -.-...
DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!!!! LIFE SUCKS!!! i realised that i cannot concentrate during class and i know that i used to score well coz i listen during class and did not need to study for test but now? dun even have the time to study for test -.-...
Guess wat? today was science practical and english editing, sci i confirm flunk one coz i din't have the time to collate all the 3 tables into 1 table and ended up the 4th table looked weird...
As for english editing....i realised i did wrong for one of he questions in cloze passage and the editing i also realised how cock-eyed i was to miss out the word labor and forgot to edit to labour T.T...
DIe liao lor....
Luckily tis only CA2 only 10% of the whole year so its my call to wake up and stop dreaming... I'm gonna try and work harder for quality results, just u wait and see...

3:09 AM;

Sunday, August 12, 2007

AHH!!!! DAM SIANZ...its exam exam exam time to even exercise xD
This is like to boring, everytime i see the blank space for me to type my post, my mind just goes blank and TADA! i dunno what to write lol...
So much for BOredOM... TATA~ gtg bye...

5:27 AM;

Friday, August 03, 2007

Life is so far so good and that is if good is another word to represent the phrase " ROLLING down The HiLL"... Common test week here liao then i sick, WTF!?...
The geography and history paper all so hard derhs then next week is english, chinese and science...HEADACHE SIA...
Exams round the corner don't even have time for myself or friends...and needless to say her... Im trying my best already but it still doesn't seem enough...
Feeling that im experiencing DeJavu, All the bad things that happened to me in the past seems like it is repeating itself and i ain't enjoying...
AHHH!!!! Really wanna just scream out loud!!! But then again, who cares?...
i could only suffer in silence and watch the others who are much better off than me... Well... this is life....JUST ACCEPT IT!~
Facing reality right ear after so long still stuck lor...DAMMIT!!!!

7:43 AM;


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