Saturday, January 31, 2009

(Emo Post) +Please don't read(You know who)+
1st feburary le, 15 more days to my birthday =/ Haish...My birthday last year was so pathetic. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me.... Its sooo lonely?... I guess this year's no exception too. I'm unwanted, abhored, vindicated, despised, rejected.
Makes me wonder who even bothers bout my existance.
Dunno why but i just felt the need to update my blog. Heres the video that can say all i wanna say =)

9:15 AM;

Saturday, January 24, 2009

AHH!!! so long never post le >< dunno what to post sia... Very sianz, CNY TMR! Renunion dinner tonight! =DD Go sakura makan buffet! I just realised i've never posted any photographs on my blog before o.0... SO CLEAN!
hmm... Went to jaslyn's house ytd for steamboat! VERY NICE! xD enjoyed myself? den chat chat chat den makan new year goodies! OMG I'm gonna be fatter NOO!!!! Dx After CNY i'm so gonna go on a diet le...
Nothing much else to post le, Actually alot to post but dun feel like it so i'll just do away with it =)...

9:14 PM;

Friday, January 09, 2009

AHH!! and I'm screaming once again... WILL THE TRUE JUSTICE PLEASE STAND UP? AND STOP THIS FLITHY AND CORRUPTED WORLD FROM BURNING IN THE DEPTHS OF HELL. Words that hurts, glance that burns. The things you see and hear ain't the reality anymore the moment you believed in forever. Stop this empty dreaming of eternity, its nothing more than a facade of lies. And all they saw is what i failed to see, all that glittering's not gold. Apologies for my blindness, I was too captivated but your beauty but yet so torn apart by my selfish pride, I'm sorry I can't be perfect. I would spend minutes to time your replies, hours yearning for your smses, days waiting to see you, weeks hoping that you'll talk to me and years wishing you would give me a chance to care for you and be there for you. I may sound insane and out of my mind but yes, I'm heels over head in love with you. I can't live a single second without you in my mind. Scenes that strangles me, thoughts that suffocates me, smiles that intoxicicate me. Its in your glittering eyes where I found my peace and a reason to continue my path in life, yet theres no explaination for it. When your hurt, you can never imagine the pain going through me, the feeling of being so helpless and useless. Please, if theres anything I can do to help please tell me, even if its leaving you. I'll do anything for you cause I don't want you to be sad, your happiness is all that truly matters to me now. Your my reason.

1:47 AM;

Monday, January 05, 2009

Haha 2nd day of school, had a overview of what we'll be doing for this year. WOW thats alot for 1 year ><... Mug til we become retards. RETARDS UNITE!! xDD
And nice cupcakes you've got there LoL Chocolatey rubbery tasting cupcakes, a couple of sweet disasters haha. its SWEET!~ i'll give 11/10 =D but appearance 5/10 Dx...Look on the bright side *looks at the guy beside me* HE GAVE U 3/10 LOL
Actually after everything, I kinda realise that those cupcakes were more than just sweet disasters. It was life itself to me.
No matter how ugly things can appear to be, theres always something good about it. Just like those obastacles you may face. Til now, I don't even know if shes still there for me to wait for. IF shes gone, atleast shes happy. Thats all that matters to me now, she happy; I happy. Her smile can brighten even my darkest days and bring peace to my mind. All and all, its really because I love you.
Secondary 3 already, must study real hard and smart. It all comes down to this O level so lets MUG!! =DD Look on the bright side, now we know what to do! Rather than we waste our time wondering what to do and whine that we're bored. And all that studying is gonna pay off when we go to work, education high=pay higher $_$ xDD.
I just hope I'll survive through Secondary 3 in 1 piece. Thats the end for this post, cya =D

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Having my life flashing pass me ain't fun at all. Can't seem to solve this riddle of lies at all, would anybody be so kind as to give me a clue?

Shatter the hourglass,
Scatter the sand and separate the glass.
Save the trickling moments,
Savour the passing times and forsake the torments.

Help please? D'=
I'm feeling so lost, can't believe in anybody or anything anymore... Been lied to too many times that sometimes I can't even believe myself.

6:37 AM;


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