Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Juz had a nightmare yesterday night, the moment i received e news,i fell asleep. The nightmare was creepy n disgusting n most of all,it nearly tore my heart out!...It was such a painful sight 4 me n i was all frightened when i woke up. Whenever i have a nightmare,it spells the end of something good and the start of something bad and i was right indeed... I can't think of wat else would make this e worse valentines day of my life. My fren nearly had his heart slashed to death while i nearly die due to overbearing ...i suffering like hell...I really wanna tell her but im scared tat i will lose a very good fren... I WONDERED Y I HESTITATED TO BUY E ROSES FOR HER!!!!!!!!!!! haiz... im such a failure.... nvm...

5:23 AM;

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

YAY!!!!! I gt back into the main six but bad news,we lost to punggol so we must win ang mo kio sec in order to qualify for national...I will strive n perfect my spiking n receiving...some things are changing for the better but somethings juz won't change. Im contented with wat im having now but i will try my best to get wat i want.When i say im giving up on somethings, it means tat i've really had tried my best but i still failed so please forgive me. i know that no matter what i say or do is not going to help but i dun mind coz it helps me n not the siuation. The video really speaks my mind so do watch it. secondary skool life is really much tests,homework n project...I PROMISE TO EVERYBODY,ME KEVIN TEO SHUN KEAT WILL TRY MY BEST IN EVERYTHING I DO N I WILL NEVER GIVE UP UNLESS I REALLY HAD TRIED MY BEST! wish me luck in fufiling my promise lols XD!

5:51 AM;

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Feeling better now although things haven't turn 4 the better n i gt kicked out of the main 6 but i guess its ok 4 now...coz i've played 3 matches n miss 3 matches but i guess it will be very boring 4 me from now on. I very sianz now still quite confused but i dun really mind coz i noe
4 sure that
things will chnage 4 the better
so i will wait 4 the day.... i not really tio kicked out lar...juz play sub 4 teh next 3 matches but i'll be playing again when we reach nationals tis year WOOHOO!!!! lols
tats the gd news n through mistakes i learned how to perfect my forearm n spiking
so i really did
learn from my mistakes n i swear i will nvr commit them again... ARGH!!!! wat candies should i buy ar????? still tinking....

4:45 AM;

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Having a headeache now so if i make any mistakes in tis post plz pardon me. Not feeling right in anyway these few days, i tend to make alot of mistakes in tests n im either dozing off in class or feeling too stressed and tired to concentrate or do anything. Im troubled by many things and some of them are the following: 1)Homework and tests 2)Volleyball 3)Relationship matters 4)Dozing off in class. Im really sick n tired of all these problems but i juz can't seem to solve all of them. Description of a normal school day: Morning take Mrt either alone or with some frenz but whenever i see the him it would spell the start of the torturing of the day. I TOTALLY HATE HIM!!!! everythings fine in school..i seldom frown n i always try to put up a smile n have fun with my frenz.They really do help me numb my misery 4 quite a while but u noe tat things dun juz end like tat...they continue...after school at if gt vb prac im sure to see him again then i couldn't concentrate on the game due to alot of stress from homeowrks as im always too tired to do my homeowrk at home after schoolday so i often struggle to meet deadlines but its really torturing life is in a total mess,it would take a miracle to change everything back to the way it was but there are also some things i wan to leave unchange. With no suffering comes with no enjoying but i only seem to enjoy a little bit while i suffer 4 the whole day... I really cannot take it no more. on the day we played with xinmin sec i was so stressed up tat i couldn't even think clearly n i made alot of silly mistakes causing the team to lose points. On the way back,i cried coz i really stressed out n suffering so i really dunno how to handle it til i broke into tears....I will change my life i promise to myself...i will change 4 the better and make my life easier.the life i wish 4 is an easy-going life and not a stressed one so i will strive all the way 4 the life i wished 4... $P3CI4L TH4NK$ 2 frenz who have always been there 4 me n hlep me whenever im in nid THANKS ALOT!

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