Sunday, January 28, 2007

"I love u" if u ever hear these 3 words again u juz nid to tell me i dun have a gf den i will drop the idea coz it reminds me how painful n memorable to be rejected.I hate to accept the fact tat im a failure but i have no choice...IT REALLY HURTS...The pain was beyond description even though she didn't tell me personally,i noe it from her actions.That was already very painful but wat hurts even more was tat the boy was my fren!!! I HATE HIM! im not gonna do anything bout tis coz i noe its my own fault 4 being so ugly n stupid.Im juz gonna vent my anger on sumthing else. I HATE MYSELF N I WISH IM all my misery will end.I HATE being a failure... !I SWEAR I WILL NEVER FAIL AGAIN N IF I DO,PLZ KILL ME!

5:52 AM;

Friday, January 19, 2007

wa yesterday so tiring,we walk 4 so long liao go back skool still gt vb prac.Heres how the story went: After school on friday, it was 12.40 n our vb prac was at 4 so me,justin,pearlyn n jun xi decided to go the macdonald at ang mo kio fer lunch.We were joking n having alot of laughs den we went to the playground to play while me n jun xi take videos of justin n pearlyn lols.EVerything was fun n we joked alot on the way back to school but when we were quite far from macdonalds,pearlyn discovered tat she lost her handphone so we went back to the playground to retrace our steps.We walk to n fro for alot of times when we were walking halfway 4 the 3rd time,i felt tat my pocket n hand was empty n the next ting i noe was tat my wallet was GONE! I quickly told them n we returned to the playground again.Luckily 4 me i found my wallet at the playground but pearlyn wasn't tat lucky,we nvr gave up hope even til 4++ o clock. We walked 4 another 2 rounds den we concluded tat somebody had already picked up the phone so we took a taxi bak to school coz we have already tried our best. The practise was harsh 4 the newcomers coz we even did fitness after the practise. But wat unexpected was that her mother called n told her tat sumbody picked up her handphone. We all heaved a sigh of relieve n we all had laughter.justin pearlyn n jun xi went back home by mrt while my father fetched me home so thats how a day went.this is a day that i won't 4get...

7:47 PM;

Me feeling quite down now,filled with a pinch of hatred n jealousy.Me having depression now...i look like a foolish idiot,juz because i always bottle up my feelings...I FEEL LIKE BURSTING!!!!!!!! I WANNA TELL U TAT I LOVE U!!!!!...i reallly don't wanna keep it inside me ANYMORE! i really feel like breaking down,i couldn't consentrate on anything.Even though i see u everyday but i juz couldn't say it to u!!!!!! Im such a failure......

5:36 PM;

Friday, January 12, 2007

Secondary School isn't as bad as i thought.....Now doing literature homework...9 subjects will do untill die.....but i gt gd news too me gt into main 6 of the volleyball team n should i put it....dun really feel like saying it out....ANYBODY ORGANISING A GATHERING????????? lols if gt tell me....

6:25 AM;

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Whoa......Juz came back from malacca, the trip was quite awesome n fun coz gt to explore many different parts of malacca n i even gt to countdown to 2007 dere but best of all is tat i gt to see may yuen.....shes SO PRETTY!!! but i paiseh dun dare to go n talk to her coz both our parents with a weird feeling after coming back...a little sad...a little happy...a little excited...dun larx, juz dun feel right....tmr is school day liaoz.....dunno wat lies in dere 4 me....i wish all of u a happy first time go new school day! lols...gtg cya!

3:13 AM;


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