Monday, December 29, 2008

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3/4 WTF? I wanna scream, shout and shriek like i've never did before... Man..WTF did i do to go into 3/4? WHY!? Of ALL CLASSES WHY 3/4?!?!?!?!?!?! FUCK FUCK FUCK And here we go again, another year of hell. Just when i thought my sec 2 life was screwed, you had to prove to me that i'm wrong. I swear I rather die. Now all I can do is strive hard for sec 3. No other goals in life already, since different class, confirm gone liao. just study and try not to regret when i go JC. FUCK CARE EVERYTHING knnbccb...

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Awwww man! And I just realised somethings that made me feel all so sour and regretting ><... Kinda do that very often eh? I would miss you. Think of the things you do, wondering how are you at this very moment. Hoping your thinking of me too. ( Impossibo )
Been feeling down cause of this more than ever. But I just can't give up, partially cause I promised that I'll wait forever. A promise is a promise; thats a lie to myself. The real reason for the promise and the waiting is cause I can't let go, I really really really love you! I swear theres nobody else that can make me feel the same way. I believe your words and trust you thus, I'm waiting....
It was really disheartening to know that I couldn't spend time with you during the hols at all, you said you had no time? Yea, most probably true. *I'm not treating it as an excuse* *Trying not to* I BELIEVE YOU =D (You can go out with other people, why not me? Is it that you just don't want to? If thats so, just tell me directly.)...
AHHH!!!! Just my thoughts being worded. Needed some place to speak my mind...
Had fun playing friendly against unity sec and jurong west sec today, the most hilarious set was the 3rd or 4th set against unity. I LMAO-ed. The score was 16-24 and it was my turn to serve, i was like WTF, aiya just get over with it. I ended up serving 10 balls in a row and we won the set with a score of 26-24. Pro hor? LOL kidding, just luck. I served 4 balls that were out balls and that funny guy at the other end flunked all. xD My legs are hurting T.T, jumped too much ><...
Christmas is 2 days away! WOOHOO, Nah... this year's christmas FREAKING DULL!!! I meant what the hell happened? compared to previous years, this is CRAPZ. I WANT MY CHRISTMAS SPIRIT BACK T.T. OH YEA! I GOT A GUITAR AS A CHRISTMAS GIFT! =DD Playing it now. First on the list, thunder and skyway avenue. ^^
Can't post much le, if only thoughts can be worded. This would be a 10000 word essay xD. cya all, merry christmas =D

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

And I'm posting O_O... Dunno what to post, just felt like screaming out loud to somebody ><... 我感到好无奈和矛盾 wor!!!!!!!!!! haish....
O yea i started on my homework, done 8 questions, left 22 ><... AHHH!! my efforts seems to be so insignificant. Does it make a difference? I don't know anymore, tried and failed so many times that my broken heart feels too numb to get hurt. THIS WORLD IS SOOOOOOO UNFAIR!... Three cheers for luck, PUI. I've got none...
All I want for christmas is my homework done and YOU(Impossible)... Christmas feels so dull and uncelebrated, just another day to get by. Wow surprised to find out that haziq's crush's brithday is today xD Nice wallet you've got for her, 36 bucks o.0... Ouch!... Haish...I'm still thinking of what to buy as a prezzie, any suggestions anybody???
All i could think about is everything about her and all she can think about is nothing about me. T.T WAAAAA!!!!!! D'=... sob..

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

LoL After what felt like *Decades* I'm BACK! and Posting =D
First thing in da morning today, *RING* Not alarm clock, my phone xD. Huiling sent a sms to me apologising for bombing me, man, i swear i din't expect it. I din't reply, not because I dun wanna forgive her or anything negative liddat. I din't reply cause i din't know what to reply, i've never blamed you...
You dunno how relax i was today, woke up in the morning with no training. Sleep sleep sleep den use computer to chat chat chat. Printed out my maths homework =DD FINALLY, some efforts in trying to my homework. Im lazy xP
Holidays' are decomposing my brain, been "Hu Shi Luan Xiang"ing for quite some time le, nothing better to do. LaLaLa. Went out with haziq from 2.30 to 7, went to play badminton, and Haziq, those 2 girls at the MRT wasn't looking at me =.=... I'm gonna be a GOOD BOY =D use a backpack now, no small small bag ^^. Man i still suck at badminton, maybe i should stick to volleyball ><... Oh oh oh! I found a new passion, TO COOK! I noe, i noe. Many people reaction would be " OMG, KEVIN STOP DREAMING LA! U cook? PLease la, even my worst cooking taste better than yours" or Quoted from my piggy mei "OMG OMG you can't cook! NO NO" ==...Won't try, won't know if will succeed anot right? Theres more than one way to rome, I hope my way leads there =D
If what waisiong told me is true, my world is literally shattered, my mind went into oblivion, i can't think no more, i swear. I guess I'm gonna ask just 1 last time, even if i get a dunno, im content with it cause i believe you really dun noe. I'll never lie nor break my promises, I'll always be your guardian angel. If you ever need me, turn back and take a look, i'll be just by your side. =) (The picture depicts me) xD
Been listening to mayday parade and we the kings' song =D very NICE!!! o yea, forgot to add in, SIMPLE PLAN ^^
I personally recommend the song "Skyway avenue" =DD
Got a wake up call, HOLS IS ENDING! OMG OMG OMG T.T... Sec 3 (Hell) is unleashing as i speak. I'm so dead. "GOnna mug til i become a retard" my motto for next year ^^
Byebye all, enjoy ur remaining holidays! And not to forget, Happy Birthday JingFang(16 dec) =DD

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