Thursday, August 31, 2006

omg......i said it...i nvr thought i would say it but i did.i finally said it to u....i love u..........

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

YESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SUCCEEDED THE DSA!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!! IM GOING TO ANDERSON SEC!!!!!!! haiz..... but im worrying alot of things now,my marks r dropping,i tinks its becoz i didn't study n i make lots of careless mistakes.I will try to change tat before PSLE n i really wish wq will do better,my heart sank when i heard tat wq didn't do very well....i wonder y she left blanks......*sigh*...... I WISH U ALL GD LUCK 4 PSLE! I will oso work hard 4 it!...lolx...

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Sunday, August 27, 2006


My mom received tis email from sumbody n she let me read it so i decided to let u guys check it out

Original msg from
From: Loh-Ng []
Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2006 8:17 PM
To: Undisclosed-RecipientSubject:
Subject:: Don't buy this house

i dunno true anot n tis is the original msg,u can choose to beleive it or not to.....n pls comment on it.....

EERIEE...TRUE story-SEND TO ALL YOUR CONTACTS AS A WARNING!I was looking for a rental apartment and I spotted an Executive Condominium in The Straits Time Classifieds. It was in Blk38, #10-44, The Floravale, located at Westwood Ave, at Jurong West extension, near Jalan Bahar, it was near to my work place and and the price was attractive! The agent who advertised turned out to be the owner himself (I found out later that it was so because no other agent would want to help him market the unit after showing their first prospective (tenants) .So I arranged a viewing with the agent cum owner and rented it on spot because I was then desperately in need of a place to stay.When I reached the apartment, I saw a BIG Cross on the main door, I'm a catholic so I didn't take it to heart. I viewed the apartment, I found that it was renovated nicely and I was told by the owner that the he and his wife had only stayed for a short while and moved out because it was far away from their work place. The owner looked nice enough, a gentle speaking man, I was in urgent need of a place to stay and it didn't take me long to put a deposit- I was thinking, I'm just renting a placve, not buying and the price was extremely cheap and I could have the whole 3 bedroom aparment for myself at an incredible rent, no need to be fussy.As the owner had bought the EC from HDB direct, they can't sell the EC yet(5 yrs rule) so they could only rent the place out for now. I came to know from neighbours later that more that 5 families had come and gone during these time. The neighbours also told me the actual reason the owners left was because the family had problems. lots of financial problem. The husband owed the loan shark lots of money, even the security guards had to be instructed to stop debt collectors from coming to the house. The family was breaking up. The husband was seeing another woman and he wanted a divorce. The wife refused and hence they quarreled everyday.So please check with the surrounding neighbours before you rent or purchase a flat which now I learn. Ok! now I will listed all the incidences happened during my two months there.
1) One night after watching TV alone, I think it was about 2.00am and I was walking back from the living room past the dining room to the bedroom to sleep, I heard a boy's voice(very clearly) calling my name once and instinctly I turn my head to my left where the voice came from. My whole body went cold when there was nothing there at all! I rent the whole place for my own and there could be no one else in the house!
2) It was in the afternoon, I was washing her hair in the bedroom toilet. As I was sitting on the edge of the bath tub bending forward holding the shower above my head washing my hair, suddenly, I felt that someone gave me a hard push above my head. I was unable to see that time cos my eyes were covered with shampoo, but I could discern a black shadow in the form of a 'human(?)' in front of me. Again, there could be no other person in the house!
3) (This one is real spooky) It was when I met a neighbour next door. I was instructed not to talk with the neighbours cos the owner had rented out the whole unit illegally, so this was the first time I had talked to my neighbour. Then, during our conversation, they mentioned, "Where is your son?" I told them that I am single and I stay alone but they insisted that they saw themself, when I left the main door open while I was in the hall watching TV on the sofa, there was a boy playing next to me and he was about 3 yrs old!!. Both husband & wife saw that!
4) There was one evening at about 11.00pm. I was having my bath then when I turn to face the wall behind me, I got a shock! There was a black figure like a human child on the wall! I was shaking like a leave and naturally used the hot shower spray and spray to that direction. Nothing happen at all so I quickly rushed out.
5) This last one is the final straw I was able to take before I decided to forfeit my deposit and shift out to my friend's place. I forgot to mentioned that all this time during the night when I was sleeping in my locked master bedroom, I always heard noises like someone twisting my room handle and trying to open the door. I did checked many times to no avail.
6) One evening after watching TV, I went back to bedroom to sleep. As I entered the masteroom, I got a shock! There was a pair of deep lighted shinning green eyes on my PC screen in the room. The PC was not even switch on!!. Just to make sure it was not a fault, I even pull out the plug from the socket!!. The pair of eyes was still there!! Then suddenly the TV in the living room was switched on and the volume turned to the highest! I just ran out of the house without even locking the door and stayed at the guard house till the next moring!I moved that morning!! This is a series of true incidences witnessed by me, I have been more diligent in going to church lately after this.The last thing I heard, the owner is trying to sell the EC now as it's already reached the 5 yr occupation period. Take care and take note of the address when hunting for a home!!!

4:07 AM;

Saturday, August 26, 2006


ok....tis post is abt a weird dream(dunno whether to post or not,anyway juz post lah)tat will nvr come true coz its juz a dream.....tis dream is qutie long n stupid....n i posted it coz i dunno WAT TO POST!

i dreamt tat i was at a carnival at night(dunno where)with my family.....there were ferris wheel,push carts selling soft toys n candy floss,roller coasters n many different rides to have fun. I walk around tinking of wat to play.i decided n went to hav a ride on the roller coaster.i was having alot of fun........the world was "spinning" when i was on the roller coaster! I came down from the ride to hav a stroll n enjoy the breeze......but then,sumthing caught my sight,to my surprise,i saw a very pretty girl wearing the same pink t-shirt as i was wearing.She was looking at my shirt with a smile on her face den her view turned to my watch n well.....i oso turned my view to her watch n we were wearing the same watch! i walked 4ward tinking tat mayb i say hi to her then she oso said hi n omg! her smile was soooo sweet!The next thing tat happened was tat she told me she g2g n my parents r oso calling me.she ran away,my mind was in a whirl.i ran to my parents but wait a minute,mayb i could get her hp number.i change my direction n ran towards the direction tat she ran but i couldn't find her.All the running leaded me to a place near a mama shop.i went to the mama shop n asked the shop owner whether he saw a girl running in tis direction den he started descripting the girl:long hair,pink t-shirt,green cargo pants,blue watch,wearing glasses n the same height as me.tat fitted exactly teh girl i saw! I asked him where she went,to my disapointment,he said he knew tat girl n she can only come out of her hus only when there is a big event in town,the carnival was the big event n she came out to hav fun,she has her own private teachers as her parents were she has very few frens. n when i was deciding to try n find her,i woke up........i thought abt tis dream n tried to remember the girls face but i still can't get the puzzle pieces together.haiz.....well.....if u see her(base on the description above),tell me(if tat happens,the sky will fall). the girl was so pretty,if only i could remember how she look like.
Well.....tis is juz a dream,tat won't come true 4ever so i juz i will put it t the back of my mind n "revise" 4 luck 4 ur PSLE!

4:58 AM;

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

y? y? y? i asked u many times but i nvr seem to get the answer......y? y? y?......................the prelims r here n the PSLE r round the corners i really hope i could score luck! i tink tat the questions will be very very scared now.....i rarely( 1:100) prepare 4 my exams coz i DUNNO HOW 2 !!!!!!!!!! if i dun score well 4 PSLE,im sooooo dead.......i'll juz put away all those love love love stuff till the end of PSLE coz i tink i could consentrate better....wish me luck!...

7:55 AM;


ya da ya da ya da............dun plae dumb with me.....i hate hypocrites like u the most......act like a very gd fren in front of me n backstab me. well..... i dun mind.....i nvr listened to u anyway......always act stupid.......since u like acting so much y dun u go 4 the oscar awards? Hypocrite.......its so obvious n u tink i can't see it.......i could c it..........n get out of my sight...... U use the word "fren" juz to let me lower my guard against u......."fren" is a word to let ur guards down against sumone.........

7:51 AM;

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I've lost my senses.....i feel so numb......i dunno whether to smile or to frown anymore! since theres only a few months left before we part so i tink mayb i can somehow make u hate me so i could 4get u.......but on the other hand,i feel so miserable........I REALLY DUN WAN IT TO END TIS WAY!!!!! i dunno anything........ i feel so numb......i love u......

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Im not as sad as i used to be now but now im too prone to doing mistakes n losing frens......but if i lose them so easily,were they my frens right from teh very beginning? frenz frenz frenz........they r only frenz 4 6 pages of ur life n its over........u will 4get them n make new frens when u r in sec skools......i really hope tat i could juz 4get everything n go back to being sad rather than to lose my frens. I lost many frens when i came to tis skool from townsville, i still miss them though. i think tat it will be the same when i go to a sec skool but i guess it won't......i dunno y.....but i guess so.....but i still hope i would feel the tat it won't hurt me so much...........

8:52 AM;

How many times can i say sorry? sorry stands 4 apologising but i seem to use tis particular word everyday without fail. I do things tat r wrong everyday n i asked myself when can i stop using tis word but there was no answer.To people nowadays,sorry seems like a word tat is redundent....

8:03 AM;

Sunday, August 13, 2006

YESH YESH YESH!!!!!!!! i passed the volleyball trial n im going 4 the interview tis wednesday,16/8/06 but the bad news is tat my PSLE oral is on the next day...haiz.......

2:43 AM;

Sorry.....i didn't meant to break ur keychain................ok lets start from the very beginning wat happen.....: i was in class during the break as i was trying to finish the card 4 the sgh,den wq stepped my bag n walk over it n she went down 4 the break after tat.I suddenly thought tat mayb i could take sumthing from her pencil case(juz 4 fun) n return it to her later. BUT when i was "browsing" her pencil case, she CAME BAcK! She kicked me n took my stapler,den when she was walking away, i took her purse. Den the trade,i give her her purse n she gives me back my stapler. i agreed n when i was trying to take my stapler while giving her the purse.....she snatched her purse n dropped my stapler. n den....OMG the keychain from her purse was in my hand n her purse was in her hand! i quickly apologised saying "sorry,sorry,sorry." n quickly gave her bak the keychain. She scolded n blamed me 4 breaking her keychain.Ouch! i felting a charp piercing pain in my left thumb n my whole palm was covered in blood......the kepchain pierced my left thumb n blood was flowing out from it. I didn't mind tat,time's up n we when downstairs to assemble.On the way downstairs,i apologised profusely saying tat im really sorry 4 breaking her keychain.i used my right hand to wrap up my left thumb,trying to stopped it from bleeding.well.....she said no....After the remedial,she poured a bottle of water on me n i did nothign to stop it n well....tat isn't the end,on the way home,she got a bottle full of water(i dunno where she gt it from)n she poured the whole bottle of water on ME! i was soaked to the skin but i did nothing too as i tink i deserve it since i broke her keychain.....i went to darren's home to change into my PE shirt juz to hav an excuse y im so wet instead of saying the truth n getting scolded.........n tats the end....wq.....Im really sorry...i didn't mean to break ur keychain......sorry....

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Friday, August 04, 2006

OMG! wat hav i done....?..........I ACTUALLY SLAPPED CHEE TING!!!!!!!! i didn't noe wat i was doing! the girls keep hitting den i suddenly gone bonkas 4 a sec,i turned around n gave chee ting A SLAP! wat was i thinking??????????? i really regret it n chee ting, sorry......i didn't did it on purpose........IM REALLY SORRY.......

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